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Photo Credit | CH3 Thailand Calendar,  Princess Yacht, Bestie Wanderer, Hype, Sodsai Photo, Eakkachai Ongpreechakul

Welcome to

Sailing Yacht Thailand

Sailing Yacht Thailand is a yacht charter company,

established from small group of engineers

who love the ocean and diving.

We are operating in Pattaya, Phuket, and Krabi.

Our fleet are owned by ourself and partners with a selection of

sailing yachts and motor yachts from 38-134 feet in length.

Apart from friendly service we provide,  safety of passenger is our top of mind .

Our professional captains and crews were annually received special training in

certified rescue and lifeguard course along with other necessary skills 

in order to ensure your safety.

In addition, we also focus on responsible tourism.

We have conducted many environmental conservation activities

with external organizations and customers regularly as we admire an eco-friendly travel. 


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Discover our New Destinations

Unseen Pattaya

Pattaya is meaningful than Lharn island and Nightlife. There are many beautiful unseen islands waiting for you to discover. As most of them are located in Thai Navy's reserve area, we expect our staff and guests to demonstrate out principles that we try to minimize damage to local environment to preserve marine ecosystems in healthy conditions and achieve effective and sustainable management of marine coastal resources. Some beaches on unseen islands are Sea turtles preservation area and prohibit to visit on to the island's beach. We will bring you to do snorkeling around instead. Cheers!

Khram Noi island

Unseen Pattaya Destination

that worst your trip. Only an hour from Marina. You can only take half day trip to visit this amazing island

Photo Credit | Bestie Wanderer

Khram Noi Island

Secret island

If you have enough time, we recommend a Full Day Trip Program (8 hours) We select many stop for you to explore the amazing nature life.

You can do both snorkeling or scuba diving at this island.

Photo Credit | Bunyarit Traisuthamporn

Secret Island


Unseen Pattaya Destination

that worst your trip. Only an hour from Marina. You can only take half day trip to visit this amazing island

Photo Credit | MiniMint's Mission

Virgin Island by Sail Boat

Best Seller - Top of Customers' Choices

This 6 products are our best seller throughout 3 years. Let's check them out and see which one is perfect for you and your family

Phuket - Join Trip

Best  program to Coral island & Racha Yai island more detail


Private 72 ft M/Y

72 ft Princess Motor Yacht is lying both in Phuket & Pattaya more detail

รางเกวียน 04.jpg

Private 38 ft S/Y

The most affordable one in our fleet

but can carry upto 25 guests


Phi Phi island

The Phi Phi island is some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia

Photo Credit | Bunyarit Traisuthamporn


Khram Noi island

Take a deep breath and sail only an hour from Marina in Pattaya.

Photo Credit | Bunyarit Traisuthamporn

Untitled-1 (1).png

Private 48 ft M/Y

Lying in Pattaya.The real

affordable luxury​ is this one!

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